The website for Foxxy Games is now up and running

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but we’ve got the Foxxy Games offices up and running, we’ve got a lot of our internet infrastructure set up, and we’re already working on our first game prototypes.

And now we’re all ill with colds. Me, Simon and Lexi are all huge balls of snot right now.

But never mind that – we have an official website for Foxxy Games now! If you’re looking for the Foxxy Games website, you can find it on Please check it out!

There’s a few articles up there which you might not have seen yet. We’re going to keep expanding it as time goes on, with podcasts, developer blog posts and more. At some point we might even start selling Foxxy Games T-Shirts ;-)

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The FoxxyGames office is coming together…

John Hull, Simon, and I spent all weekend taking runs of stuff to Goodwill and the local dump. Our basement and garage were full of all kinds of stuff that we’d never quite got around to getting rid of.

Me and John HullThe amazing John Hull, QA manager extraordinaire. We met while working on The Suffering: Ties That Bind over a decade ago.

Over the years we’ve had several people stay with us when they got laid off, divorced, needed a safe place to stay, get back up on their feet and so on… and after a while things just piled up. There’s only so much storage-Tetris you can play in limited space before you go insane, so it was time.

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My Camouflaj Going-Away Party

A three-year adventure wouldn’t be complete without a going away party.

I’ve spent many days, nights and weekends working with these wonderful people on episodes 1-5 of République, and it was quite the adventure.

I couldn’t have asked to work with a better group of dedicated and amazing people. It was fantastic seeing everyone (although Ryan Payton was out of town on business, so he couldn’t make it).

I’ll miss you all, and look forward to seeing what you come up with next ;-)

Some of these photos aren’t great of me, but I wanted the full experience to be shared, with all of my people sending me off. Continue reading “My Camouflaj Going-Away Party” »

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Foxxy Games… A New Adventure Begins!!!

So after 3 years at a wonderful studio filled with amazing talent I am terrified and excited to announce that I am off to start my own company with a talented and brilliant partner. As many of you know, I have been in this industry for about 18 years and have talked about doing this for about 8 of those or so. Continue reading “Foxxy Games… A New Adventure Begins!!!” »

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République Remastered – Now out on Steam, GOG & Humble!

Yes, that’s right!

République Remastered is now available on Steam (here), GOG (here), and The Humble Bundle (here).

Thank you to the amazing team at Camouflaj for all of the hard work that you put in, and the late hours you spent getting our game out onto PC and Mac. I’m honored to work with such a talented bunch of game developers, and you make me smile (and sing!) on a daily basis. This release is a true testament to your dedication.

I’m also looking forward to seeing gamers who otherwise wouldn’t have seen it enjoy what we’ve spent the last few years building towards.

With love,
Darci Morales, Senior Producer, Camouflaj

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Tornado Outbreak Review (from 2009)

I didn’t have a blog when Tornado Outbreak was released, but it was an awesome game that not nearly enough people have played or heard of. (Which is surprising, because it got great reviews – and most people love it when they play it).

So here’s a review of it from IGN when it came out :)

We got an 8.1 :)

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République On Display At The Experience Music Project

République is part of the Indie Game Revolution exhibit currently showing at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

The exhibit will be showing for the next two years, and games will cycle in and out over time. Right now, you can see our game there :)


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darci morales – videogame producer (previously république/camouflaj) & games industry veteran – founder of Foxxy Games