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The website for Foxxy Games is now up and running

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but we’ve got the Foxxy Games offices up and running, we’ve got a lot of our internet infrastructure set up, and we’re already working on our first game prototypes.

And now we’re all ill with colds. Me, Simon and Lexi are all huge balls of snot right now.

But never mind that – we have an official website for Foxxy Games now! If you’re looking for the Foxxy Games website, you can find it on Please check it out!

There’s a few articles up there which you might not have seen yet. We’re going to keep expanding it as time goes on, with podcasts, developer blog posts and more. At some point we might even start selling Foxxy Games T-Shirts ;-)

The FoxxyGames office is coming together…

John Hull, Simon, and I spent all weekend taking runs of stuff to Goodwill and the local dump. Our basement and garage were full of all kinds of stuff that we’d never quite got around to getting rid of.

Me and John HullThe amazing John Hull, QA manager extraordinaire. We met while working on The Suffering: Ties That Bind over a decade ago.

Over the years we’ve had several people stay with us when they got laid off, divorced, needed a safe place to stay, get back up on their feet and so on… and after a while things just piled up. There’s only so much storage-Tetris you can play in limited space before you go insane, so it was time.

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