The FoxxyGames office is coming together…

John Hull, Simon, and I spent all weekend taking runs of stuff to Goodwill and the local dump. Our basement and garage were full of all kinds of stuff that we’d never quite got around to getting rid of.

Me and John HullThe amazing John Hull, QA manager extraordinaire. We met while working on The Suffering: Ties That Bind over a decade ago.

Over the years we’ve had several people stay with us when they got laid off, divorced, needed a safe place to stay, get back up on their feet and so on… and after a while things just piled up. There’s only so much storage-Tetris you can play in limited space before you go insane, so it was time.

Now we have our basement back, and in it – we now have the Foxxy Games offices almost set up.

The internet connection is flaky (powerline ethernet in a 1930’s-era house that was rewired by crazy people at some point isn’t ideal), but it’s a space!

The Foxxy Games offices (work in progress, Startup-Edition)

The rug really ties the whole room together.

In the back of the room you can see the TV and Xbox One (I’m still trying to decide if we need the other games consoles down here – we have a Gamecube, Wii, OG Xbox, PS2 – with PS1 support!, PS3, Xbox 360, and a Google Android TV, but this is for work, not gaming per-se, and the Xbox One makes a great Skype video-conferencing system). Reference audio monitor speakers (just for grooving while I work right now). Printer, scanner, stuff for making posters and leave-behind packets when we reach that point.  A whiteboard and a corkboard for brainstorming and task tracking. (Although we’re using Trello and Slack as well for now).

What you can’t see is the media library (mostly DVDs – we still need to bring most of the games library downstairs), and full podcast setup with an audio field recorder, condenser microphones, shock mounts, desk stands and so on. We’d bought all the podcast equipment for another project a while back which we didn’t have time to do, but it’ll come in amazingly useful for us.

Yes, we’re going to be doing podcasts so that you can chart our progress. We’re thinking about doing videos as well. We’ll let you know when that fires up.

You also can’t see the laundry room, exercise equipment (I have a rowing machine), Rockband gear (where do you store that stuff?) a bathroom, and some of our posters and memorabilia. Don’t worry, you’ll see it all in time.

Thanks to John Hull for all of his amazing help this weekend. I couldn’t have done it without you. John is currently between contract gigs, and he’s looking for a full-time QA gig in the Seattle area. He’s worked on the Forza franchise, Kinect, Vhoto, Suffering: The Ties That Bind and more, and he’s someone we vouch for. We’d hire him ourselves, but until we’re up and running, we’re going to be running lean.

One last note… We’re going to have a big announcement this week about who we’re teaming up with to make Foxxy Games happen. Watch this space.

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