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République On Display At The Experience Music Project

République is part of the Indie Game Revolution exhibit currently showing at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

The exhibit will be showing for the next two years, and games will cycle in and out over time. Right now, you can see our game there :)




We’re coming to Android – And We Made The Chicago Tribune!


Darci Morales, producer on “Republique”, said one of the most challenging aspects of building an episodic game is the ever-changing tech and platform landscape.

“With each episode, we update Unity and our plug-ins, add new features, and then retroactively add those improvements to previously released episodes,” said Morales. “The design, programming, and QA workload just seems to increase with each new release. We’re also expanding the game to new platforms, which is why we partnered with Darkwind Media to expand the franchise to Android this time around. On the creative side, we have to be very thoughtful in designing future content to make sure it’s aligned with what the dev and art team can transition to. I really like the episodic model, but it increases the pressure, as you want players to love every new release.”

Morales said the truly unique thing about “Republique” is its ‘one touch’ controls. The game’s stealth action gameplay is accessible to all gamers.

“We’re leaving the world where games can only be experienced by players who can wrap their hands (and minds) around seventeen-button controllers,” said Morales. “I love where this is going and how the face of gaming is changing to be more inclusive for all gamers.”

At the same time, new processing power from companies like Nvidia is allowing developers to bring games on par with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles.

“The astounding thing we marvel at is the graphical quality on par with console gaming,” said Morales. “This has been a huge development and we have been happy to push ourselves to bring this to our game. If you play “Republique” you are instantly brought into that world with the environments and animations. This is improving all the time and we look forward to evolving with it.”

The very essence of what a mobile game is has been evolving now for several years. The introduction of Google TV and other micro consoles will further blur that line.

“‘Republique’ is not what you typically see on mobile and we are really proud of that fact,” said Morales. “It is not a pick up and play for 5 to 10 minutes game. It’s more that you get transported into the world of Metamorphosis. We touch on today’s issues and topics in a way that I don’t see any other game doing while engaging players to understand some of the deeper side effects of apathy towards use of information, theirs and others. With République you don’t only get an entertaining game, you get to be part of a compelling story, which with any luck, will stay with you long after you finish the game. Not to mention that we are pushing the limits of what people think is possible to do on mobile.”